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From The Heart of Eurasia 

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Clenego,  driven by the Technocrats; is well equipped to provide best Quality Solar PV Modules & Engineering Consulting Services in CIS region.


The company is helping a wide segment of industry (Residential, Commercial & Industrial Entities and Utilities) to make green energy choices. 


We plan and design high-performance photovoltaic systems and support both trades people and major energy companies, providing advice and skills in our primary business areas i.e. clean & green energy.


We work in close cooperation with the reputed solar manufacturer to ensure best quality and reasonable prices reaches to the end users.


We are stocking best quality & premium Salar Modules locally for immediate supply to a number of small & mid scale developers, EPCs & end users. 


We are well equipped to support you through all phases of your project. 

Solar Photovoltaic Modules 


Residential, Commercial & Industrial Solar Projects

Operations & Maintenance

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